St. Sebastian’s Archery Tournament

This year St. Sebastian’s seemed to sneak up on me. Last year with no job to steal my focus I had managed to make 8 spinach and cheese tarts, 3 soft farmers cheese and drive up to the event, help serve and come home. Rather a fun undertaking as it is probably one of the nicest laid back events you can have. (And free if you are not part of the archery!)

For those who have never been, it is a lovely little archery event tucked in the mountains. So far the weather holds just perfect and you can spend the day shooting at a range of imaginative targets in the lodgepole pines. And for those who don’t shoot there are plenty of benches and it is pleasant to just sit and chat or work on a small A and S project. The Cooks Guild has long been the lunch provider, so the food never falls short.

I would HIGHLY recommend it if you like simple events.


This year I had to scale back to simply providing a ride up to Mistress Gwen Cat and the coolers holding lunch.

In part, because I had talked my husband in to picking up a bow and joining me and partly because my toddler was set to come. That in addition to that full-time job making anything just wasn’t going to happen.


This year spread, despite lacking arrow cookies, was just as good as lasts. Empanadas, sausage, chicken, rice salad, cucumber salad, and many other yummy things that have slipped my memory.

My toddler even got in on helping make the cucumber salad. He is very good at mixing things and adding pre-measure ingredients. He is also a very good taste tester and made sure the cheese selection met with his approval.

As I had predicted last year the playground located on site was a hit and once lunch was done my toddler amused himself climbing all over while we waited for my husband to finish the afternoon round of archery.


As for him, he hasn’t picked up a bow since our son was born, but that aside place 9/10 in the Yeoman group(a step down from the master class). Not bad at all. And he had a good time getting to meet many of the people whom I have been hanging out with.


We helped a little with clean up but alas with a toddler with no nap we opted to duck out with considerably lighter coolers and three adults who could have used a nap too.


So here is looking to next year and I guess I had better make a note to buy an arrow cookie cutter so we need not go without the cookies next year!

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