Arts Science and a New Baron and Baroness

So for some context, it has been a good long time since I had taken my Tiny Monster to an event with me, in part because I normally am working and partly because he still needs a nap.

That and if you have ever had a child the amount of things you need to make the day work is well staggering. Not to mention it was just going to be me and him. At almost 2 with his favorite word quickly becoming NO! and the energy to put the energizer bunny to shame well it is like running a marathon. Do-able but painful.


Kingdom A&S, however, was at one of my favorite event spaces, I mean how can you go wrong with a playground right there? That and I have taken him there before so I felt like I stood a chance keeping him corraled. That and this was also to be the investiture of our new Baron and Baroness so I felt I should come out as well.


So one might ask your self what do you really need to take a kid places in the SCA?

Step one: Garb. Tiny ones look extra cute in garb trust me, and being tiny they don’t need much more than a tunic and pants.

Step two: Things to do. In today’s bag, I added some of his small stuffed toys ( a bunny, an elephant, and dragon) a few books, and his crochet hammer. Also never underestimate a blanket as a fun toy.

Step Three: SNACKS. Well, most events have food a snack will be needed at some point and can buy you some silence as they are devoured.

Step Four: WATER. Tiny monster will need it running around and worst case you end up sharing the water bottle after you realize your cup is only going to get dropped or misplaces trying to keep up with him.

So with that, we packed up and drove south…..Well stopped by the store for snacks and cash to pay gate.


Upon arrival, I can safely say Tiny monster was happy to stay close and stare at the world around him. Most folks had worn their best so there was plenty of color and pageantry to go around and for him very few faces he knew. We started at Gate and (I really need to just need to prefill the child waiver) then made our way back into the hall to meet up with Lady Ann before settling into a snack for the tiny one well we chatted.

The competition proper was over in the Barn and once he was finished eating we headed over to see that. He had little interest in everything save for Morgan’s roman woodworking bench… which became a fast favorite as we tried to mimic Morgan showing how it worked. The true highlight was that the bench had a peg and multiple holes that the peg fit in. Cue a happy kid.


From there it was back and forth to get lunch, play more with the bench, then back over to try and sit in court.

He really did give it his best, but when His Majesty gives you a ball to play with, well court is the last thing he wanted to stay and do. So outside we went to play with the ball and just get some good running round in.

Sadly I only caught a few snatches of court and the investiture but the later replay was just as lovely.


From there we said our goodbyes as a nap was needed for both of us.

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